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Tamiya Mercedes Benz SLK and Ferrari RC Cars

RC Cars - Mercedes and Ferrari for Sale

Summary: Here are a couple of rc cars. Left is the Tamiya Mercedes Benz SLK and right a Tamiya Ferrari F430. Bodies are nice when brand new. Right now photos show some battle scars from racing.

Scale: 1/10th On-Road

Motor: Mabuchi / Johnson 540 stock

Transmission: FWD and AWD

Body: Mercedes Benz SLK and Ferrari F430

Est. Top Speed: 15 - 30 mph 

Est. Sale Price: $150 - $200

Where to Buy: R/C Cars for Sale from these online stores.

Below is a photo of rc cars with real cars in the background. If not for the body posts, you would think these were the real thing. The Mercedez Benz SLK is a little bashed up. Fortunately we can simply buy rc car bodies and mount them on exisiting chassis. Simple and cheap.

RC Cars

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