Radio Controlled Car

Remote Control Cars for Kids

Remote Control Cars for Kids

Summary: Remote control cars are very popular especially with kids. Here is a photo probably taken around the mid 1980s. Popular at that time were Tamiya rc cars such as the Superchamp, Wild Willy, Sand Scorcher, Rough Rider, Ford Ranger XLT and Holiday Buggy. Also popular were the Kyosho Tomahawk. Hundreds of kids would show up to go racing. It's time to bring the hobby back to the kids.

Scale: 1/10th Off-Road

Motor: Mabuchi / Johnson 540 stock

Transmission: 2wd

Body: Volkswagen Beetle, Ford Ranger Pickup, Willy's Jeep

Est. Top Speed: 15 mph 

Est. Sale Price: $

Where to Buy: R/C Cars for Sale from these online stores.

The 80s and 90s were the glory days of r/c. Below are the popular models from Kyosho. These are now collectibles and can still be found new in box or second hand in forums, ebay, etc.

Popular Remote Control Cars that are now Collectibles

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